rxIRC - the IRC client for VM/CMS

Current version is 2.1

rxIRC is a client software for VM to connect to the IRC network, the Internet Relay Chat, which nowadays counts an average of 12000 users online day and night, from all over the world, therefore being the biggest international interactive conferencing system on the planet.

You can make use of this program only if you have access to a machine with VM/CMS-type operating system (that is: a mainframe) attached to the Internet or an other TCP/IP based network.

rxIRC is a program written in RexX, a rather easy to learn interpreter language that gives you a chance to add own features if you miss something or modify things you dislike. rxIRC supports the complete set of standard IRC client commands plus a bunch of extras.

New features in rxIRC 2.1:


The TCPIP handling of rxIRC is done with help of RXSOCKET version 2. You need to have this package installed, or at least the basic modules. There are some restrictions concerning the use of RXSOCKET:

If you are going to install rxIRC on a big public disk, you probably want to install the complete REXX/SOCKET package. You can do so by issueing TELL LISTSERV AT CUNYVM GET RXSOCKET PACKAGE (if you're on BITNET as well). Beware that you will be sent the beauty of over 80 files after this!

If you want to run rxIRC just by yourself, and RXSOCKET isn't available already (rxIRC tells you so) then merely issue these commands to get the modules:

rxIRC itself can be obtained from:

2.1 probably was the last version to be announced.. as IRC is a dying technology, although booming. If you want to find out current news concerning rxIRC check out this wł page.

The mailing list

rxIRC installers may choose to join the rxIRC mailing list by sending a 'sub rxirc-l <your-full-name>' command to listserv@vmtecqro.qro.itesm.mx (LISTSERV at VMTECQRO).

Problems with rxIRC?

If you encounter problems with rxIRC, write to rxirc-l@vmtecqro.qro.itesm.mx, not me. The folks on the list know the client better than me, as I never really used it. I have unix.

If you want to work on rxIRC or revive the BITgate:

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