What's new in symLynXs ircII script dir?

action now has the intelligent autoperiod, so you can type things like
/hug you holeheartedly
auto /away replacement which avoids yet another broadcast
basical makes the ircII compatible to the original irc client, which is something every client should do
commander was supposed to become the default keymapping for ircII
new: now has "tabkey" (nickring) functionality on ESC-n
events cool way to display /who and way cool /notify output:
*** BigCheese is away [big@cheese.org]
keysick not seasick.. remaps all keys to silly iso characters.. read source for details
myscreen calls screen, but remaps keys to standard GNU screen(1) mapping
nickring generic form of tabkey also used by commander
smileys-iso 8 bit smileys for smileys-compatible keymaps :)
smileys-ninja ninja turtle smileys for smileys-compatible keymaps, by WaZ
tabkey new tabkey using nickring - compatible to old tabkey